Honda Accord 2007

Clutch problems

Do you know this??? I hope not. I do not see myself as the perfect cardriver. This Honda Accord is though a kind of a challenge when it comes to get started. The point where the Clutch grips is thin as a hiar. The second it grips everything shakes and you can hear how all parts in the engine compartment suffer from pain. It hurts by me too. I've talked to several Honda Dealers, and they have no idea what the issue is. They agree that I'm not the first to come with the issue. All they can say is: live with it. The clutch works and its "malfunction" will not harm any component. It does just not make much fun to drive with. But imagine driving in Germany and the trafic radio tells you that you got 16 km of "Stau" in front of you. Oh dear. That is a long way.

I have to say that I feel partly guilty. When I bought the car I noticed the problem, but thought it would fairly easy to fix. The car was relatively cheap, so I had a little bit of money to work with. What I didn't know was how expensive it is to change a clutch. I therefore came to the conclution that I would continue driving it as it was. I used the car for relatively long distances, so if the dealer was right, the clutch would last long.

I've checked the internet from A to Z. And I do not feel alone. There are 2 issues to deal with. One is the issue with the clutch, the other is the price to change the clutch. The prices I've seen are hilariously high. It seems to be an engineering issue, so even if the clutch is changed, the next one most probably has the very same issue. I've never found a solution to the problem. I've found clutches from different manufacturer, but I have no idea if they are better or worse. I therefore decided to drive the clutch to the end. I sold the car in 2014.

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