Honda Civic 2001

Consumption based on brand

One of the big questions in life is, if one fuel brand is better than the other. Gas isn't produced on every street corner, so the different brands will at a certain point come from the same sources. So how different can the quality be. The difference can only be in the chemistry which is added later on. But does it at the end of the day matter?

To answer this question I made this page. The following diagrams will show the fuel consumption measured by the various brands I have used over time.

Tolerences in the data available

The overview has a few areas where tolerences are present. In general I'd though say that I have driven so many kilometers that the data shown here are valid. There are though still a few things which may have influenced the figures. These are listed here:

  • I can't guarantee that I have filled up the tank to the same level every time I fueled the car.
  • If data should be 100% correct I'd had to empty the tank completely every time. I didn't. There was therefore always some fuel left from a different fuel pump.
  • I can't guarantee that I have driven exacty the same way all the time.
  • There are brands which I did not use all that much. If these were used during wintermonth, this would have a negative influence on the outcome.
  • During the summer I drove on 16 inch wheels and during winter I drove on 15 inch.
  • The counter at the tank station was most probably not 100% right. I actually found a fuel pump with a major counter error which saved me a lot of money over a couple of month.

Having said this, I still think the graphs shown here are the result of a data of a rather fine quality, why I consider the graphs being true to their purpose

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