Honda Civic 2001


At the age of 16, I became a big Honda Fan. Since then Honda has been on the very top of wish list over cars I would like to own. The only problem was, that Hondas in general are slightly more expensive than any other brand on the marked. For more than 10 years I kept buying old used cars and spend money keeping these alive. This way I managed to save a bit of money.

2003 was the year where this whish of mine had to come true. My old car had started to make more problems than I was willing to deal with, so I started to look around. I found a used Honda Civic 1.6 ES from 2001 with hardly any miles on the clock. 14.000 Km in 1½ years. This car had to be as good as new I thought. I got to try out the car and I was sold. It was now just a matter of talking to the bank - which at the end was just a matter of writing a check. The car was bought cash! The cheapes way to buy cars.


The car was now parked in front of my house and I used it a lot from 2003 to 2009. Let me say it straight away. This is the best car I've ever had, and I doubt I will ever get a car which is better. It just worked. It was so cheap to drive and it made fun to drive it. I drove with a smile so wide I had to open the side windows to get the room for my smile. If I could get this car again today as new, I would be one of the first in line to get one. This is a car how they should be made.

With this page it is my goal to give you as a reader the chance and opportunity to read about how it was to own and drive a Honda Civic 1.6 ES from 2001. I hope that you as a reader will be inspired about this and see the advantages of being a Honda car owner. Be a Honda fan as I have become. Lean back and read about how it is/was to own a car with a sporty heart and a lot of other qualities.


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