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The year is 2014. My old Honda Accord / Acura TSX has driven 172.000 km. The car is still in good shape, but the car is 8 years old, and Honda has decided to stop the production of the Accord. The prices for a new Accord are low and I hope the quality is high

I live in Germany and they do have a somewhat different idea about when a car can be defined as old. I have therefore decided to try out the last Accord / TSX. I have never returned a car with only 172.000 km on the counter. To be honest - this is one of the most crazy things I've ever done. Years ago I have decided never to buy a new car - only used ones, but now I'm about to break this rule of mine too. But this is Germany - used and new cars are cheap, and I can't find one good argument for not buying a new car. I haven't even been able to find a one year old model for the price I'm going to pay for the new one. With other words - for the second time of my life I'm going to buy a brand new car.

The process of buying was a bit of a mess, but in August 2014 I'm receiving the keys for my new car. It is for sure something else than the old one. The old one wasn't bad, but the new one is just different in various ways. With these pages I want to tell about how it is to be a owner of this the last Accord, and I hope that you as a reader can find the type of information that you find interesting.

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