Honda Accord 2007

Tire Problems

How come Michelin can't produce a circular tire? Test after test they prove, that they produce some magnificent tires, but when you get them on your car, the car jumps uncontrolled around on the road.

When i drove my first Honda Civic many recommended me to buy Michelin summer tires. So I went to the dealer and bought a set. All 4 tires had to be replaced as the diameter deviated with up to 1 cm on all 4 tires. A representative from Michelin came out to look at the car, then Michelin did not believe it at all. They checked the car and especially the tire pressure, and then they ordered 4 new tires from the factory in France. They were better, but circular... no. I did not have the energy to fight more, so I drove the tires to the end. But circular/round - no they weren't.

I do though have to praise Michelin for their Alpin A3 tires. I enjoyed it every winter when I mounted them. Therefor in 2009, when the Accord needed winter tires, I had no issue with buying 4 Michelin Alpin A3 tires. They were so silent, that I suddently could hear a weird sound which came from a defective ballbearing. This was absolutely not possible to hear with the Summer tires with which the car had been delivered. After the ballbearing was changed I still had a weird sound where I couldn't say where it came from - except it came from the back of the car. I went to the local Honda Dealer who found out the inner side of a rear tire was looking a bit weird. They recommended me to move the tire up front. That would do the trick.

In 2010 when my Michelin Alpin A3 had to be mounted again, I did as the Dealer hat told me to do. Tire up front. This gave another weird sound which gave me the impression that I had a lot of stones sitting in the profile of the tire. Initially I was the impression that I could live with this. This year I participated in a Winter driving test (and had a lot of fun). Here it turned out that I could avoid some obsticals about 5 km/h faster if went right in stead of left. That made me wonder what the h.... was going on. I drove to the local Tires expert where I had bought the tires and had him look closer at the tire.

It had happened again. Over 12 cm, the tire had risen 1 cm. I had to realize that I had again bought a useless tire from Michelin. Unfortunately the production of tha A3 tire had stopped, so I had to upgrade to A4. And this tire was by no means comparable with the A3. So I was forced to buy 2 new tires. No warranty, no comensation. Michelin couldn't see they had done anything wrong. Considering that I had driven only 8.000 km I was somewhat disappointed.

I still drive Michelin tires, but I am considering to change to a different brand. Alternatively Michelin has to come up with some serious arguments in form of a warranty I can trust. After 5 tires with almost identical problems I've had just about enough.

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