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We are writing the year 2009. I've been driving a Honda Civic for 6 years, and the car has served me well. The car has brought me all over Europe - mile after mile - and lever left me behind. More than 230.000 Km and the only fault was the Radio. It was a car which asked for respect - and it has it. The car is running and in a fine shape, and honestly - I should continue to use it, but the financial crisis has also resulted in low prices for used cars. My Civic was getting cheap too.

I have always had a rule saying that I should sell my car when the price is lower than 6.000,- £. This level was reached in march 2009, so this was the time where I started to look for something else. Question was - what would I be looking for. With the quality of my Civic, there was no doubt in my mind that the next car was to be a Honda as well. The Honda Accord / Acura TSX which came in 2008 is a beauty. It is unfortunately also a bit expensive. But what about the version produced from 2003 to 2008? Was this a worthy alternative? My goal became to find a silver gray facelifed version of a Honda Accord 2.0 Sport / Acura TSX. As I wanted a facelifted version it had to be from 2006 to 2008. It soon turned out to be a challenge. Most of the cars sold were either Diesel or Type S with a 2.4 engine. But the 2.0 was a rare car. I found a few over the summer which were of interest - they were though all more expensive than I liked.

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In May 2009 I found it. There it stood. It just looke so sad because it couldn't drive anywhere without an owner. My name was printed all over the car. The day of its first registration was on my birthday in 2007. If that wasn't a sign. I wrote the dealer who was about 100 miles away and made arrangement for a meeting one week later. The Bank was notified although I had no intension of borrowing money for the car. But just to be on the safe side - just in case.

The day came where I was to look directly at the car for the first time. The last day of May shortly before noon, I was at the dealer - the door being closed. I had never been so close to owning a car standing less than 9 feet from it. The dealer was nowhere to see - at least for a few hours. He came and I got finally access to the showroom and had a chance to go check the car from A to Z. A price was calculated and papers signed. I just had to wait a week. What a week.

On the 4th of June 2009 I started m y good old Civic and drove to the dealer. It was sad to leave the good solid Honda Civic behind, but also a joy to drive the new car away. The Honda Accord / Acura TSX should be my preferred way of transportation until August 2014, where I decided to sell it - buying a new Honda Accord / Acura TSX. Take your time and read through these pages where I will tell a bit about how it is to be an owner of such a wonderful car. I hope I manage to be objective in my opinion. Get som tips and trics which will help you keep the costs of ownership at a reasonable level. Enjoy a couple of hours of reading.

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