Honda Accord 2014

Consumption based on brand

Here in Germany where I live, a car is everything. It is being washed every so often. And you do visely in not making any jokes about another mans car. When people fuel their car they tend to use the most expensive they can find thinking that it is the best they can do for their car. Most car owner are willing to pay quite a bit more for gas to get a good or better quality. The question is just - is the quality better. I've never seen any proof that one brand is better than another.

So this is the question I'm trying to answer here. Isn't gas in reality just gas? Is the fuel consumption at the end just a matter of the way the car is driven? Is it worth it paying more for fuel or isn't it just cheaper to use the cheap brands? Here you find an overview of the brands I've used. This should give you an idea if one brand is better than another.

Tolerences in the data available

The overview has a few areas where tolerences are present. In general I'd though say that the more I drive, the more exact the values will become. Here first an overview of the areas where tolerences exists:

  • I can't guarantee that I fill up the tank to the same level every time I fuel the car.
  • If data should be 100% correct I'd have to empty the tank completely every time. I don't. There will therefore at any time be fuel from various brands in the tank.
  • I can't guarantee that I drive exacty the same way all the time.
  • There are brands which I haven't used that much. If I used these during winter this would have a negative influence on the outcome.
  • In Germany I fuel the car with E10. In Denmark 95 Octane. The two types of fuel do not have the same amount of energy. In this overview I consider these qualities as identical.
  • During the summer I drive on 18 inch wheels and during winter I drive on 17 inch. This will result in variations over time.
  • Germans love Traffic Jam. This does not have any positive influence in fuel consumption
  • The counter at the tank station will most probably not be right. I do though not have any chance to see which is right and which is wrong. This can though have a huge consequence in the consumption figures.

Having said this, over time I'm positive that this overview will be a good indicator. I therefore recommend to spend a little time looking at the graph.

For those who absolutelyt want the graph shown in l/100KM - here is such a graph. I do personally not like this unit. It's way to complicated to use. I have to admit that the unit is more corret talking about consumption.

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